What Role Based Administration permissions are requried to delete devices from the database via the console?

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    What Role Based Administration permission (LANDesk User Right) is required to delete devices from the database via the console?
    Do you have to have LANDesk Administrator rights in order to delete machines from the DB?


    Unmanaged Device Discovery or LANDesk Administrator right will grant the console user access to delete machines from the database.


    1)  Go to Tools | Administration | Users

    2)  Click All Users

    3)  Double click the user

    4)  On the Rights tab you will find Administrator and Unmanaged Device Discovery

    NOTE: If Unmanaged Device Discovery is selected then the user will be able to delete devices from inventory (Network View)


    NOTE: If the LANDesk Administrator right is selected then the Unmanaged Devices Discovery right will also be selected. You can select the Unmanaged Device Discovery right without the LANDesk Administrator right being checked.



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