Avalanche 6.0 is not gathering mobile device statistics.

Version 1


    I have installed Avalanche 6.0 and I am not able to see my device statistics.  When I review the StatServer.log file in the Wavelink\Avalanche\log directory I see an error that states: " 2014-05-07 13:34:51,544 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter - Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Login failed for user 'wavelinksql'.) "



    To resolve this first stop the Wavelink StatServer Service.

    Once stopped copy the following 3 files from the Wavelink\Avalanche\conf\main directory and overwrite the files in the Wavelink\Avalanche\conf\stats directory from those of the conf\main.





    Once you have replaced the files in the conf\stats directory restart the Wavelink StatServer Service.

    Finally review the StatServer.log and ensure that the above error is not seen.