How to use Reboot Settings

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    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x





    When you have scheduled a Software Distribution or a Patch repair task you can specify which reboot settings you would like the clients' machines to use to fit your needs.


    1. To Create New Settings:
      1. In the Management Suite Console go to Tools - Configuration - Agent Settings.
      2. Expand My Agent Settings, select Reboot Settings.
      3. Right-click in the settings list, and select "New..."
    2. To Apply Settings To A Task:
      1. In the Management Suite Console go to Tools - Distribution - Scheduled Tasks.
      2. Locate the task you would like to change the reboot settings on.
      3. Right click on the task and select Properties.
      4. Go to the Agent Settings section.
      5. In the "Settings" column, double-click on the "Keep agent's current settings" next to "Reboot settings"
      6. Select the desired Reboot Setting from the drop-down list.
      7. Click Save.

                   **If you have already started the task, you will need to restart the task for the change to take effect. Any machines that receive the task after that will use the newly assigned setting.




    Let's review the Reboot Settings options and features.


    • Reboot Setting: General Section
      • Here you can select to reboot Always, If Needed, or Never.
      • Once your Reboot Settings are configured you can easily review the reboot conditions.
      • Select if a certain settings is to be assigned as the default.

    2014-07-21 14_58_16-Greenshot.png


    • Reboot Setting: Prompt Section
      • Customize the reboot prompt message, and branding users will see when prompted to reboot.
      • Allow users to Snooze the reboot X amount of time.

    2014-07-21 14_53_09-LDMS96 - VMware Workstation.png


    • Reboot Setting: Automatic Reboot section
      • Place conditions on when to automatically force a reboot on the machine.
        • Logged out for X amount of time.
        • Locked or logged out for X amount of time.
        • No response to reboot prompt for X amount of time.
        • Reboot deadline exceeds X amount of time
      • Create a specific reboot window.
        • Can be limited to a certain window during the day, on any day of the week.
        • Only applies to LANDESK initiated reboots on Distribution and Patch tasks.
          • If a package or patch install attempts to reboot we may not be able to stop it. In which case, proper command line parameters need to be placed on the install to prevent reboot.

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    • Reboot Setting: Do Not Disturb section
      • Prevent reboots from happening if certain processes are running (i.e. Powerpoint, Keynote, etc..)
      • Add any EXE or APP process you need, will apply to OSX and Windows as needed.
      • Specify if the app has to be in Full Screen (presentation) mode, or if it only has to be running.

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    Additional Information



    Whichever setting is applied to the agent as its default will update automatically whenever vulscan.exe runs (Once per day by default).