About the Cloud Service Appliance Failover Mode in LDMS 9.6

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6


    • LDMS 9.6
    • 2 or more Cloud Service Appliances



    This is not load balancing.


    LDMS 9.6 now has the ability to allow Agents to use failover mode when communicating via CSA. There are 2 options, Ordered List and Random. These options are listed in the Client Connectivity Agent Setting, which is now in the "Standard LANDESK Agent" section of the Agent Configuration.

    Agent Config1.PNG

    Ordered List: The agent will choose a CSA from the top down. If the CSA is unavailable it will use the next CSA in the list

    Random Order: When a connection is initiated the Agent will choose a random CSA to connect to.

    Client Connectivity screen3.PNG

    • When an Agent connects to a CSA it is not a static connection. It will start a new CSA connection for every attempted connection. If "Use ordered list" is used, it will start from the top down. If "Use random" is selected, it will randomize the CSA.
      • Scheduled inventory runs at 1:00pm and may connect to CSA1
      • Scheduled vulscan runs at 1:10pm and may connect to CSA2
      • Remote Control, when switching to Gateway Mode, will choose a CSA from the brokerconfig.xml based on the same "Random" or "Ordered List" settings
      • BrokerConfig.exe and the Brokerconfig.xml will show all available Cloud Service Appliances as comma separated values