Cloud Service Appliance Failover Mode LDMS 9.6

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6


    LDMS 9.6, CSA 4.3



    • LDMS 9.6
    • 2 or more Cloud Service Appliances



    This is not load balancing.


    LDMS 9.6 now has the ability to allow Agents to use failover mode when communicating via CSA. There are 2 options, Ordered List and Random. These options are listed in the Client Connectivity Agent Setting, which is now in the "Standard LANDESK Agent" section of the Agent Configuration.

    Agent Config1.PNG

    • Ordered List: The agent will choose a CSA from the top down. If the CSA is unavailable it will use the next CSA in the list
    • Random Order: When a connection is initiated the Agent will choose a random CSA to connect to.

      Client Connectivity screen3.PNG

    • When an Agent connects to a CSA it is not a static connection. It will start a new CSA connection for every attempted connection. If "Use ordered list" is used, it will start from the top down. If "Use random" is selected, it will randomize the CSA.
      • Scheduled inventory runs at 1:00pm and may connect to CSA1
      • Scheduled vulscan runs at 1:10pm and may connect to CSA2
      • Remote Control, when switching to Gateway Mode, will choose a CSA from the brokerconfig.xml based on the same "Random" or "Ordered List" settings
      • BrokerConfig.exe and the Brokerconfig.xml will show all available Cloud Service Appliances as comma separated values