Identifying the Power and Login State of Your Machines

Version 1

    LANDesk Plug-In or Stand-Alone Power State Notifier Lite Free Plug-in for LANDesk


    Power State Notifier Lite for LANDesk is a free Plug-In to the LANDesk Systems Management Suite of products.  It provides a real-time view of the Power State, the Logon State, and the Screensaver State of every machine in the environment.


    Designed specifically for LANDesk enhancement, Power State Notifier LiteTM provides the immediate availability information that hundreds of LANDesk customers have requested.  Now system state data is available within seconds rather than waiting hours for the inventory to update.


    By using the data provided by Power State Notifier Lite for LANDesk you can identify Power Usage trends within your environment and help to reduce unnecessary power consumption reducing your business cost, your carbon footprint, and your impact on the environment.


    LANDesk Inventory

    Updates LANDesk Inventory With Live Data (No need to wait for scans)

    LANDesk Management Console

    Easily view system power states within the LANDesk Console

    LANDesk Reports

    Easily create LANDesk Power Reports

    Auto-Create LANDesk Distribution

    Simplified integration with option to automatically create agent distribution task

    LANDesk Packages

    Designed for Rapid LANDesk Integration

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