Wake Up Machines on Remote Subnets with Right-Click

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    LANDesk Plug-In MarXtar Wake-On-WAN for LANDesk- Free Plug-In


    The normal Wake-On-LAN option in the right-mouse button menu of the console is useful only when the machine is in the same subnet as the operator using the console.  This is because the Wake-On-LAN message is a subnet-directed broadcast and blocked by default at the router.  Targeted Multicasting gets around this by using the subnet representative to send the message, but this can only be used if you send a software distribution job to target machines and also potentially switches those machines off again; it cannot be used from the right-click menu.


    MarXtar Wake-On-WAN for LANDeskis a free Plug-In to the LANDesk Systems Management Suite of products. It extends Wake-On-LAN functionality beyond the confines of the local subnet by leveraging LANDesk managed devices. Wake-On-LAN (WoL) becomes Wake-On-WAN (WoW).


    MarXtar Wake-On-WAN is another free MarXtar utility bringing benefits to LANDesk customers by extending a powerful solution and improving returns on the existing investment.  By extending the Right-Click menu to allow Wake-On-WAN, multiple machines can be woken up prior to supporting them or before performing tasks against them such as the rebuild of a training lab.


    LANDesk Wake-On-LAN Console Plug-in

    LANDesk Management Console Integration

    LANDesk Wake-On-WAN Plug-in

    Status View of WoW Progress

    For more information or to download the utility, visit http://www.marxtar.com .