Remote Control v4.1.3 Is not working in Avalanche v5.3.xx

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Remote Control 4.1

    Environment: Remote Control v4.1.xx, Avalanche v5.3.xx, Enabler v4.06-xx and older.


    Problem: Not able to Remote Control the devices, they are not available to select Remote Control Option from the Device Inventory on the Server or Console.


    Solution/ Workaround:

    1. Download the MDS v5.3.1…
    2. Stop the Avalanche Manager Service.
    3. Go to C:\Program files\Wavelink\Avalanche\Service folder. Or location the Avalanche MDS is installed.

    Sevice folder.JPG

    Change the WLAvalancheService.exe to something else, then put in the new server. Remove the (5.3.1) from the new WLAvalancheService.exe

    4. Add this line to the




    5. Then restart the “Wavelink Avalanche Manager” Service.

    6. Make a change to the RC package (example: Maximum size logging 100kb) in the Avalanche.


    7. Update the devices with the package.

    8. Have the devices check back into the Avalanche Server to verify the device received the package.