Error when logging in: "The number of active users with license type 'Named' has reached X and this exceeds the limit set by the license agreement (X)"

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    Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x


    Service Desk 7.5 and newer


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    When anyone apart from SA tries to log in to Service Desk you receive the below error message:





    "The number of active users with license type 'Named' has reached X and this exceeds the limit set by the license agreement (X)"




    This happens when you have more users with the license type "Named" than you are licensed for.



    The solution for this might vary depending on your license and the cause of the problem.

    1. Log in as SA and go to the Administration Component - User Management. Expand User Folder and highlight the "Analyst" folder.

    Click "Manage Analysts Licenses" and you will see the "Manage Analyst Licenses" window.




    If you have any Concurrent Licenses available then you can move Analysts over from the "Fixed Analysts" side over to "Concurrent Analysts" side until your "Named" analysts are under the limit again.


    2. If you do not have enough licenses to keep all your Analysts, then you can either request a new license from your LANDESK Account manager or you can delete Analysts until you are under the limit again.



    What if I'm already under the limit, but still seeing this error message?

    If you look in your "Manage Analysts Licenses" and you find that you still have Unassigned "Fixed Analysts" licenses, then this is not an issue with your Analysts.

    Most likely this is then an issue with your End Users.


    Your End Users doesn't have a license type and so for all End Users this is supposed to be blank in the database, however we have found a couple of ways to set a license on an End User. If a license is set on an End User then this will count towards your licenses as any Analyst would.


    To check if you have any End Users with a license type set, run the below script in your database. This will list all End Users with a license type set:


    select * from tps_user where tps_user_type_guid in (select tps_guid from tps_user_type where tps_name = 'EndUser')
    and tps_user_licence_type_guid is not null


    If this returns result, then run the below script to fix:


    Update tps_user set tps_user_licence_type_guid = null where tps_user_type_guid = (select tps_guid from tps_user_type where tps_name = 'EndUser')




    What if the issue keeps coming back?

    If the issue keeps coming back, then something is setting the End Users to have a license type. The most common cause of this is a Data Import.


    Here are a few things to check:


    Log in to Console as SA and go to Window Manager.

    Launch the End User window so that you can modify this. (System - End User)

    Add the "User License Type" attribute to the window and save.


    end user window.png


    Load the Data Import Component.

    Find your End User import and load this up.

    On the Target object, right click and choose "Default Values"





    Check the attribute you just added to the window to see if this has any value in it. This should be blank





    Go to Object Designer.

    Expand System and double click on End User.

    In your Attribute list, highlight the "User License Type".

    In the Properties, check the "Default Value". This is supposed to be blank. If there is a value in here, clear the value and save Object Designer.





    If none of the above will help or if this happens even though you don't have a Data Import that imports End User, it could be that you still have a default value set in the database for the User license Type attribute on the Tps_User table.


    You can check this by logging on to your SQL Management, expand Tables and find the "tps_user" table.

    Right click on this and select "Design"



    On the window you get up, select the "tps_user_license_type_guid" Column and check the "Default Value or Binding" setting.

    This too need to be blank.




    You can change this by running the below script:


    alter table tps_user modify tps_user_licence_type_guid default null 


    Note for Oracle users:

    When upgrading passed 7.5 the MDM should remove the default value which is set in the database. However we have found that in an Oracle database, this value is not being removed.

    This was logged as problem 5495. If you are on an Oracle database and you are experiencing this issue, please log this with your Support Provider quoting problem: 5495.


    To fix this, please run the below script:


    alter table tps_user modify tps_user_licence_type_guid default null;