How To: Change Wake on LAN / Wake on WAN Port

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    How to:

    How to change LANDESK's Wake on LAN (WoL) / Wake on WAN (WoW) port.


    Step by Step:


    1. Click Configure > Services.


    1. In the Configure LANDESK Software Services window, click the Scheduler tab.
    2. Under Wake On LAN settings, enter the desired UDP port, then click Apply.

    2-enter port.png

    1. When prompted to restart the Scheduler Service, click No.

    Note: Restarting the service is applicable to other settings under this tab, but does not affect this feature.


    3-restart service.png


    1. Restart the Console Application. Once restarted, LDMS will utilize the newly defined port.


    Verifying Port Changes

    Note: This test will make use of the free 3rd party application

    Wireshark. LANDESK does not endorse nor support any 3rd party software. Users assume all liability when working with 3rd party software.


    1. After installing Wireshark, begin capturing traffic. Capture > Start. Once started, Wireshark will begin processing all network traffic.

    4-wireshark start.png

    1. In the LDMS Console, select desired machine, and initiate a Wake on LAN task.

    Example: In Network View, right click an agent, choose Wake Up > Wake Up on LAN.


    5-ldms wol.png


    1. Switch back to Wireshark.
    2. Click Capture > Stop.


    6-wireshark stop.png


    1. In the Filter bar type 'wol' (lower case), and the Filter bar should turn green indicating it is a valid filter.


    7-wireshark filter.png


    1. Click Apply.
    2. Select an entry with the protocol of 'WOL'. (These should be the only ones displayed at this point).
    3. In the lower half of the display, locate the 'User Datagram Protocol' line.
    4. The value Dst Port: will display the Destination Portthe Magic Packet for WOL is being sent to.