Avalanche 6.0 Premise Web console IE testing details

Version 3


    Avalanche 6.0 base installation on Server 2008 and Server 2008 r2  and Server 2012 with Internet Explorer 9 or 10



    • Testing was done based on a base installation of Server 2008/2012 using Internet Explorer version 9 or 10. Security settings by default are set to Medium-Low, as well as disabling IE Enhanced Security Configuration for the server.
    • Installation should be paired with Java Version 7 32-bit. Avalanche Server may need to be added to trusted sites if security settings are adjusted in either IE or Java. Popup blockers may keep product from working properly.  For details of around adjusting Java security see the article here : Avalanche: Unable to launch configuration utility
    • Avalanche 6 should be installed and ran via a user with administrator privileges and all identified ports should be opened within the Windows Firewall.  For port details see the following documentation here.
    • Custom security and or domain settings may cause display issues when viewing the Avalanche web console.  For assistance with display issues please work with support and be ready to supply any non default settings which are being used.
    • Engineering also recommends for the best web console experience to use Google Chrome.