Productivity Pack - Adding a keyboard for editing

Version 3

    This Document goes over the process of adding a keyboard to the Productivity Pack


    1. Launch the productivity Pack and select Create a New Project




    2. You will now need to add a name for this new project. Enter a name and hit enter.






    3. After naming the project, go to the lower right corner and select the plus sign.




    4. this will bring up a new GUI with some default keyboards to choose from. for this demo I have selected the QWERTY keyboard.




    5. once the keyboard has been chosen, use the select button on the bottom of the screen to select it.

    6. This will now bring up another GUI to name the new keyboard..

    • The keyboard can be any name however naming it for its purpose or associated host profile seems to be the easiest when organizing keyboards.KeyboardName.JPG

    7. Once you have named the keyboard and submitted it. you are done.. you have added a keyboard to your another Community article we will go over adding functionality to the keyboard and assigning values to the keys and hex values.