Using RSS Feeds with the Community

Version 6

    Many of us receive too many emails and one alternative way to get notifications on the community is to use an Activity stream: Using Activity Streams to be notified about what matters to you


    Alternatively another nice way to stay informed of what's happening on the community is to use an RSS feed and I know some of our most active members already utilise this functionality and find it helpful.  Below I will outline how you can do this in Outlook, however you can use similar steps with any RSS reader.


    • On the community navigate to the content that you are interested in seeing in your RSS feed.  Click on the Get a Feed of this content button.


    • Copy the URL that this runs from your browser:


    • Within Outlook change to your folder view.  Right click on RSS feeds and click Add a New RSS Feed.  Paste in the URL that you copied.


    • Click Add.
    • All done!
    • The content is displayed is easier to read than you get within email notifications, with images also displayed on screen:


    • Some people are very organised with their feeds and create one for each community of interest:


    NOTE: If you are trying to subscribe to an area of community that requires you to login to gain access (such as Product Downloads and Momentum) you may receive error: "Outlook cannot process the RSS content ... The link may not point to a valid RSS source".  Please see the Microsoft KB for assistance about how to store the username and password against the feed: Error message when you subscribe to an RSS feed that requires authentication "Outlook cannot download the RSS content"