How to 'Complete Survey' Without Opening the Incident

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    How to:

    The complete survey email that is sent, has the ability to contain a link that will take the user directly to the survey without having to opening the incident and click on Complete Survey.  The below link is the basic link to include in the Take Survey notification that is sent.  You will need to modify the values in the script (SERVERNAME/WebAccess) to match your environments server name and webaccess framework name.


    Step by Step:

    For HTML

    <a href="http://SERVERNAME/WebAccess/object/invokeFunction.rails?class_name={Class/Module/Name}.{Class/Name}&amp;key={Guid}&function_name=CompleteSurvey" target=_blank>Click Here To Complete Survey</A>


    For Non-HTML



    Note: This will only work properly if you are using integrated login.


    Disclaimer:  This is not how the product was intended to function, and this information is supplied completely "as informational" and is not officially supported by LANDESK.  You can log any issues on the Community although there is no guarantee you will receive a response or solution.