How do I remove applied profiles from a device after the profile has been disabled or deleted?

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    Using Wavelink Avalanche, I have created and applied network and software profiles to some of my devices and found them to be in conflict with previously applied profiles. I then deleted my newly created profiles. Now when I look at the applied profiles in my device's properties, it still lists the deleted profiles as applied. How do I remove an applied profile that does not exist anymore?




    When you have disabled or removed a software profile the package which was in the software profile should show as orphaned on the packages tab of the device. To delete the package follow the steps below.  As for a network profile even if removed or disabled Avalanche does not delete network profiles from the device.  The reason for this is we do not want to drop the device from the wireless network.  The only way to change the network profile would be to have a new network profile which contains the updated information.



    To remove Orphaned packages you have to push an update now and select the delete orphan packages check box.

    This can be done per device by right clicking on the device in the inventory page and selecting Update Now



    Once in the Update Now window you can select the box for Delete Orphan Packages




    Assuming the device is online an update will be triggered and the package should be removed.

    If you wish to do this for your whole inventory you can schedule an event to do this.  In order to do this you would go to the Mobile Server Profile, you should have a Default one.  Once in this profile Select the Blackouts and Updates Tab



    Once in the Blackout and update window scroll down to see the Device Update Settings section and select the Add Event button.  This will open the below window  which you can select the Delete orphaned packages option and schedule this as a One-Time, recurring or have this update sent out after a Synchronization, which for AvalancheSE would be any change to profiles would trigger this.




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