How to delete a property from a device / Deleting a Custom / General Property from a Device

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    Avalanche 5.x and 6.x


    • After uninstalling a package created by Package Builder with a Property, the Custom\General Properties are still set on the device. How can this properties be deleted?
    • Also be sure to write "Custom" case sensitive, otherwise you will find a new entry at the end of the properties tab on your console with the name "custom" !
    • Can't delete the package with the .ini file




    You can use a Mobile Device Profile that is configured to remove a set custom property:

    Add a new Profile, and choose the Mobile Device Profile. Edit the profile, and in the Device Properties section, add a Property. Choose the Name and Value of the property, and choose "Remove" instead of "Add".




    The selection criteria that you use could be the exact device that you want the property removed from (MAC address or terminal ID would work great for this) Then you could simply disable the profile when you no longer need it.

    Note, that if you don't disable the profile it will continually remove that property from the device, which would likely result in your software being continually installed as well.