Remote Control option not Available on some Devices.

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Remote Control 4.1

    Environment: Avalanche v5.3.xx and Remote Control v4.0.xx - v4.1.xx. Old Enabler versions


    Problem: Devices with old Enablers (example v4.02-15) show no option to use Remote Control from the Mobile Device Inventory. Devices that do have newer Enablers.


    Solution/Workaround: Find an Enabler version that is at least v5.0-xx and newer. If the device does not have a device specific Enable newer then v5.0-xx, look for the Universal Enabler for the devices OS and test the Enabler out before deploying to all devices. This is and example (Psion PTI8525 Enabler v4.02-15, can be upgraded to Universal v5.3-48).

    Also make sure that you have the most current Mobile Device Server (v5.3.1), and an avalanche.extra.propeties with a line " InjectPre50PackageIdents=1 " added. If not, follow the steps from this document   Remote Control v4.1.3 Is not working in ASE v5.3.0570