When Enabler launches it takes a very long time to connect on MC75A

Version 3


    • Windows Mobile 6.5 device (MC75/A)
    • Enabler v5.3



    • When Avalanche Enabler is launched it takes a very long time till it connects to the device server and the whole system is frozen during that time. It is worse with MC75 devices what were upgraded to WM6.5 but we also have this issue with MC75A devices what are WM6.5 embedded devices.


    Upgrade to the newest Enabler 5.3-54

    ActiveSync: https://www.wavelink.com/Activation/Files/WLE_MOT_UNI_WM_5_3_54.exe
    Avalanche: https://www.wavelink.com/Activation/Files/WLE_MOT_UNI_WM_5_3_54.ava
    Cab File: https://www.wavelink.com/Activation/Files/WLE_MOT_UNI_WM_5_3_54.cab
    Release Notes: https://www.wavelink.com/Activation/Files/WLE_MOT_UNI_WM_5_3_54_RELEASE.txt
    Known Limitations: https://www.wavelink.com/Activation/Files/WLE_MOT_UNI_WM_5_3_54_KNOWN_LIMITATIONS.txt