Issue: Package install hangs at actoive with message "processing generic executable" in the sdclient.log on the client

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    Package install hangs on client failing to install



    Package is missing or has incorrect install switches



    Application hangs in task manager



    "processing generic executable"


        1.  Check the distribution package properties "Accounts"

    By default, the package install attempt will be done as "local system"


    This is the account the package install will be initiated with.


        2.  Schedule and start the package deployment to the targeted device



    A successful download and distribution of the files will place them in the following directory on the client machine:


    Program Files (x86)\Landesk\LDClient\SDMcache


    • If the file resides in SDMcache on the target device but the install appears to be hung, end the task in task manager and manually attempt to install the application as "local system" from the target device. This can be done by using psexec.
    • If the install fails manually as "local system" attempt to manually run it as the "current user account" or as a "domain administrator"
    • Which ever "account” method is successful manually will have to be used in the properties of the distribution package.
    • If all methods fail manually you are missing the required install switches. These are vendor specific and will have to be attained from the vendor's website. 
    • If install switches are being used please verify they are correct and have been provided by the vendor.


    All switches being used will be listed in the "Install/Uninstall options" properties of your distribution package.

    Once the proper install switches have been attained please include them in the "Install/Uninstall options" properties of your distribution package.