MU Needs Package error / Devices are getting the wrong packages from a wrong location

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 5.3Avalanche 5.2Avalanche 4.8Avalanche SE 5.3


    Avalanche MC or Avalanche SE v5.0 - 5.3,

    Multiple Locations,

    Multiple Packages (Location specific).



    • MU Needs Package error,
    • Devices show packages from the wrong locations in the Applied Profiles from the devices.




    • Location from above has no criteria, and so the package is sent to all locations.



    Solution/ Workaround:

    In the Region, Group, or Site Location Properties,

    1. Edit the Location Property that is missing the Criteria
    2. Add a criteria to the property.
    3. Synchronize/Deploy the Server
    4. Have the devices update to the Avalanche Server.


    If you still have issues with getting packages to the device, see the following article: My device is not receiving packages from Avalanche Server