How to: Create 'Start Clock' / 'Stop Clock' Actions as optional actions in Process

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    I would like to always have the option to manually start and stop the clock on an Incident. How can I set this up?



    You do this in the process Design of the relevant Process.


    Step by Step:

    1. Log in to Console and go to Process Designer.

    2. Deactivate and launch the relevant Process

    3. Highlight the relevant Status where you would like to see the Stop/Start action

    4. Go to Properties and open the "Optional Action Instances" option.

    5. In the "Available Action Instances" find the Stop Clock and Start Clock actions.

    6. Move these over to "Selected Action Instances" and click OK.

    7. Save and Activate your Process.



    These actions will show as needed, meaning that if the clock is started on the Incident you will only see the Stop Clock action. If the clock is stopped you will see the Start Clock action.

    You can add these actions on to any status. If you need this on more than one status, please follow through the above steps, but make sure that you select the relevant status.


    Please note that if you have these actions available for the Analysts to use, if an Incident is stopped, this will mean that it will not count towards its breach date until the clock is started again. If you wish to make this action privileged please see this article: Hiding a manual action on an IPC whilst retaining the privilege for automatic actions (for example hide the "add assignm…