LANDesk® Security Review for the Week Ending September 05, 2008

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    LANDesk® Security Review for the Week Ending September 5, 2008

    LANDesk® Patch Manager and Security Suite ("LDSS") provide customers with the latest security updates and application patches for the most utilized software in your business. Maintaining a safe and secure environment helps to avoid downtime that will affect employees and productivity. The following items are the patch and update highlights from this past week.

    Windows Content

    Vulnerability Definitions - A number of 3rd party application updates as well as Microsoft Windows KBs were released this week.








    Mac Content

    Vulnerability Definitions

    • N/A

    Linux Content

    Vulnerability Definitions

    HPUX: 13  vulnerabilities






    V_INTL_PHSS_27479 (Changed)

    V_INTL_PHSS_37505 (Changed)

    V_INTL_UPDATE_00230_002 (Changed)

    V_INTL_UPDATE_01036_001 (Changed)

    V_INTL_UPDATE_01036_002 (Changed)

    V_INTL_UPDATE_01036_003 (Changed)

    V_INTL_UPDATE_02186_006 (Changed)

    V_INTL_UPDATE_02313_001 (Changed)

    Redhat:  8 vulnerabilities

    V_INTL_RHSA-2008-0836 (Changed)

    V_INTL_RHSA-2008-0855 (Changed)







    Solaris:  3 changed vulnerabilities

    V_INTL_114816 (Changed)

    V_INTL_117350 (Changed)

    V_INTL_120671 (Changed)


    Spyware Updates




    Antivirus Updates


    • LANDesk Antivirus definitions are updated hourly. You should have a scheduled task that will automatically update your virus definition throughout the day.



    LANDesk® Tips

    Getting the most out of LANDesk Security and Patch Manager - Blocked Applications

    • LANDesk Customer Support has put together a document that will help you understand and utilize the Blocked Applications feature of Patch Manager and Security Suite. Although the document refers to LDMS 8.7 it is also applicable to LDMS 8.8.

    Security News

    The Importance of Endpoint Protection - Virus in Space

    • Endpoint security may be a common term we often hear as IT professionals, but what does it mean? Endpoint security means: keeping your systems patched, protecting them from viruses, maintaining a personal firewall, and protecting the systems from risky USB devices. If NASA was using LANDesk's endpoint security features they could have avoided this embarrassing news written about them. - (T.Perkes LANDesk Security Analyst) 

    Microsoft Patch Tuesday September 9, 2008

    • Microsoft will release security bulletins for Patch Tuesday on September 9, 2008. We recommend that customers apply the patch updates to their systems to protect against potential exploits. Subscribe to the RSS feeds or check the "Security and Patch Bulletins" site for content release and availability. See the link below for Microsoft's advance notification of the release. 


    Where to Send Feedback

    At LANDesk, we are constantly striving to improve our products and services and hope you find these changes reflective of our ongoing commitment to listen to you-our partners and customers-in providing the best possible solutions to meet your needs now and in the future. Please continue to provide feedback by contacting our local support organization.

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