How to: Create a Decision to ask if the Incident is a Child of another Incident?

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    I'm using the same process for both my parent and child Incidents. However I want Parent to be assigned to one group and Child to another. How can I make the process see the difference between Child and Parent?



    If you want to perform different actions depending on if the Incident is a child or parent you can do this by adding in a decision in your process. The decision will ask: Is Incident a Child? If the answer is YES, then it will move through the actions set out for the Child. If the answer is no it will move through the actions set out for the Parent.


    Step by Step, creating your Decision:

    1. Load Process Designer and go to the Business Objects section. Expand the relevant Object that you want to add the decision to. In this example we're using Incident so we're expanding Incident Management - Incident.

    2. Highlight "Condition" and select "New"

    3. Create the Condition as according to below:


    Title: Child Incident?

    Condition Type: Calculation

    Condition: Equals

    Value: true


    import system
    static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):
         Value = false
         if Incident.Parents.Count > 0:
              Value = true
         return Value




    4. Add your condition in to the relevant place in the Process.

         The YES route from the Condition will be for the CHILD Incident and the NO route will be for the PARENT.


    5. Add in any relevant actions that you need to the different routes.

    6. Save and Activate your Process.