How to update the file path on all of the SWD packages on a Core Server

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x

    If you migrate to a new Ivanti EPM Core Server, one of the challenges can be getting all of the SWD packages updated with the new server name.


    If using CoreSync is not an option, then this query will help to update the package paths that are defined in the individual SWD packages.


    As always, before running any query that could negatively impact your environment ensure the following.

    1. You have a verified backup of your database.
    2. Test in a non-production system before applying any changes to a production environment.


    This is not a supported nor recommended method of updating these values, although it should work.  Ivanti is not responsible for any damage to the database, and cannot assist in resolving any errors that may arise from the use of this SQL Statement.


    Query to update package paths in all SWD packages 


    (FULL_PATH, 'OldServerName', 'NewServerName') WHERE FULL_PATH LIKE '%OldServerName%'


    This query will update all of the paths for the Primary File in the SWD package as well as all Additional Files.




    Here is the package after running the SQL command.