Preventing users from accidently stopping you from Watching an Incident.

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    When an Analyst marks an incident to be Watched, we have found that if another Analyst goes into that Incident and clicks on the add task item from within the History of that Incident, the "Stop Watching" action is available, if the action is performed then the first Analyst who marked this incident for Watching is no longer Watching the Incident without their knowledge, How can we stop this?


    The below steps will guide you on how to create a Condition that will ask if the Analyst in the task item has marked the Incident for Watching, If the current Analyst has not marked the Incident for Watching then the Action "Stop Watching" will not be available.


    We will use Process Designer, to create the Condition under Task Incident from within Incident Management, next we will need to de-activate the "Incident Watch List task" Process to incorporate our new Condition to use as a pre-condition.






    Step by Step:



    1) From within the Designers, Double Click on Process Designer.


    2) Click on Business Objects or the icon.


    3) Expand Incident Management, then Expand Incident Task.  You will then be presented with 3 folders, Highlight "Condition".


    4) From within the Actions Pane, Click on "New", then Perform the following.


    Name = Watching Condition.

    Condition Type = Standard.

    Attribute/Collection/Object = Created by.

    Expand Condition and from Comparison Select Equals.

    Value Type = Runtime Value.


    Next click on the downward arrow, this will then bring up another Window, Highlight "Specify a Macro value for control" then select "Current User".  (See below image to see how this looks.)



    Press OK, then your condition should look like the below image.



    5) Save your new condition.



    The final step is to include the Condition as a Pre-condition in the Process of Incident Watch List task...



    1) Click on Processes or the icon.

    2) Expand Incident Management, then Expand Incident Task.

    3) Highlight the Process "Incident Watch List task" then from the Action Pane, deactivate the Process and select "Modify".  Note: If this process is set as the default process, you will need to set another Process to be the default before you can deactivate.

    4) From the Toolbox, Drag in a Pre-condition, from the Window that opens, select "Watching Condition".

    5) The Incorporate the Pre-Condition into your Process like the below image.



    6) Once done, Save your process and re-activate.


    7) Done.