Enabler shows an "Agent Not Found" (message).

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0Avalanche 5.3Avalanche SE 5.3Avalanche 6.2


    New device or New Avalanche Server, and Enabler trying to connect to the Server



    When trying to connect the device show this message "Agent Not Found", and the Enabler retry's multiple times.



    This could be one of a couple reasons.

    • The IP/DNS in the Server address on the Enabler is not correct for the Mobile Device Server.
    • The Server could have a firewall, or the ports could be blocked on the New Server.
    • The AP devices could be blocking (if this is a new system).
    • Wireless not on the device.


    Solution/ Workaround:

    • Go the the Configuration of the Enabler and verify it is the same as the MDS.
    • Have the IT department verify that these ports (1777 TCP, 1777 UDP, 1778 TCP, 1778 UDP, 1779 TCP, 1779 UDP) are open.
    • Make sure that the AP devices are also not blocking for the wireless.
    • Check and Anti-Virus program to verify they are not restricting access.
    • You will also want to verify that the Wireless is on.