How To: Gather a Network Trace with Wireshark

Version 5



    Some issues may require a network/Wireshark capture to identify how network traffic is routing. To gather this information, Support uses the free 3rd party application Wireshark®.

    Note: LANDESK does not endorse nor support any 3rd party software. Users assume all liability when working with 3rd party software.





    Note: These are the basic steps to begin an unfiltered network capture. Additional instructions may be provided by Support for filtering network traffic. If no additional filters are requested, gather unfiltered traffic.


    2-start interfaces.png

    • In Wireshark: Capture Interfaces select the desired interface and click Start.

    a-interface selection.png


    • The Capture window will open. This indicates that Wireshark is logging network traffic.



    • Perform the task requested by Support.
      • Example: If deploying agents is not successful and a network capture is requested, once Wireshark is capturing, attempt to deploy the agent.
    • Once the requested task has been performed, stop the Wireshark Capture by clicking Capture | Stop



    • Save the capture by clicking File | Save As

    5-save as.png


    • Enter a File Name and leave the Save as type as Wireshark/..-pcapng (.pcapng;*.pcapng.gz;*.ntar;*.ntar.gz), then click Save.

    6-save location.png


    • Locate the saved .pcapng, and send the file to support.