ESA(Endpoint Security Audit)2.6 中文版安装文件

Version 1

    ESA(Endpoint Security Audit)2.6 中文版安装文件



    Release Notes:



    LANDESK ESA V2.6.0



    New Features:


    1.Added shared network storage to store file data.

    2.Added core service to load license file instead of DTS.

    3.Added daily rolling to sessionfileAppender for Foundation.

    4.Added message box while Console disconnected with core server.





    1.Changed the submission logic of the clipboard data.

    2.Changed DB schema of clipboard content from nvchar(max) to nvchar(4000).

    3.Initialized IP address before registration on Client side.



    Bug Fix:


    1.The Webservice log increased significantly when admin service is opened by other process.

    2.The server does not parse file while the client upload files to the wrong path.

    3.Updated ESA server failed while the content of clipboard is over ride.

    4.Web Access Log does not display the content using keywords in Search toolbox.

    5.The Agent get an empty IP address from activation.