Issue: Software Distribution Task of Package Bundle shows success while the task is still running

Version 7

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6


    Schedule multiple software packages using Package Bundle or Dependent Package. The Console prematurely shows "Successful" for that task, while the intended software is still being installed on end clients. 


    Package Bundle/ Dependent Package task contains multiple software/ applications in it and all of those apps after installation are designed to return a code to the core with information Success/ Done or Failure. It doesn't make any difference for the console whether in one task we have single package or multiple packages, in result once first software is installed it sends right away a return code to the core server if the installation is successful or not. Effectively it reflects the whole status of the task.


    Package Bundle/ Dependent Package is not designed to wait for all the software to be deployed on end client(s) and return just one generic code for the whole package. The Console treats it as a separate applications scheduled for deployment on the nodes and will wait only for one return code (first come, first served basis).


    NOTE: Once first file is installed and task status jumps to "Successful" keep in mind that Package Bundle doesn't stop to work. It carries on with installation of all the scheduled software included in a Package Bundle/ Dependent Package (orange gear icon reflects that). It stays that way until the last software is deployed.


    active task.PNG




    • Map return codes for separate software files sitting in a Package Bundle to report to the core for example "Completed" status instead of "Done", mind you, more work to be done by an IT admin before a Task can be scheduled
    • Use Provisioning Template instead of Package Bundle/ Dependent Packages. It gives better control over a bundle that includes 2 or more installation files (.exe, msi, bat, cmd, etc.)