What are the differences between using a Webdesk Query verses a Query created in Console

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    What are the differences in using a Webdesk Query versus a Query created in Console.


    Web Desk uses a different model to that of Console for describing queries in the database.  This model is more suitable for the Web Desk application and means it is much easier to edit queries “on the fly”.


    This difference means that if you add a Console query as a shortcut and publish this to both Console and Web Desk - the shortcut is re-saved using the Web Desk model.  At this point the shortcut in Web Desk is a separate entity to the one in Console; if you change the shortcut in either application the other will not be updated. If you however modify the Query within the shortcut the change will show in both Console and Web Desk
    Due to the different models for saving shortcuts / queries and the design of the Web Desk application as a whole there are some subtle differences between the way a User can create and edit queries in Console and Web Desk.

    Query Creation

    In Console, a query is created by launching the Query and Report Designer component.  This starts a series of dialogues that guide the User through creating columns, groupings, criteria and display considerations.  The tool is very powerful and allows the User to customise how the query results are filtered and displayed to quite an intricate level.

    Web Desk offers a cut-down version of the query builder in order to facilitate quick, less complex query creation.  In the dialogue the User just has to choose a name for the shortcut and pick the object to base the query on.  At that point the User can choose to add columns, if they don’t, some default columns will be displayed.

    Query Editing

    On running a query in Web Desk, a User can add filters (criteria) to the results to make the data-set more specific to their requirements.  In Console, if the filters are to be permanently saved on the query they are set in the Query and Report Designer component and can not be created and updated on the fly.
    Web Desk Query Users can also change the order in which the columns are displayed by drag-and drop and can use the * column to add new columns very quickly.  Un-required columns can be deleted from the right-click menu.

    Query Result Design

    The result set from a query run in both Console and Web Desk can look widely different, depending on what settings have been made in Console.  All queries run in Web Desk will look fairly similar to each other:


    • The columns will be as wide as the longest item in their result set or the column Title – whichever is wider.
    • Alternate rows are candy striped in order for the data to be read most effectively
    • If you want to display the colour of an IPCCT in order to understand where in its SLA cycle it is, then this will appear as a blob in a column rather than colouring the entire row.

    Please click on the below link to access the Query Design landing page, where you will find Query Examples and Troubleshooting guides.


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