Installing Telnet Client on a Mobile Device using Active Sync

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    Installing Telnet Client on a Mobile Device using Active Sync


    To install and run Telnet Client, you need the following components:

    A host computer with Windows Mobile Device Center, or Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7 or newer

    A mobile device with a connection to the computer.

    The Telnet Client installation file saved to the host computer it should appear under Programs as Wavelink TelnetCE folder and in there you should have your TE Client install. Please make sure that you have the right Telnet Client for your device.



    To install the Telnet Client using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center:

    1. Connect the device to the host computer and verify the connection was successful.

    2. Double-click on the Wavelink TelnetCE.


    Wavelink Product Configuration should launch on your desktop see picture below:




    3. Configure the Host Profile Settings by clicking on Host Profile. The Host Profile Settings has a lot of configurations available as you need.

    4. Configure the Emulation Parameters by selecting Emulation Parameters. The Emulation Parameters provides emulation options.  Use the tree structure on the Folders to navigate the available options.


    You should see something like this:

    5. When you are done with the Emulation Settings and Host Profile etc. save the changes and still with the device connected to the host computer click on Application & Config. You can also use Application only if you only want TE Client installed on the device without configuration.  The Config Only option is used to make changes on the settings once the TE client is already installed on the device.



    6. Click Yes to install the Client in the default directory, or browse to the location where you want to install the Client.


    The TE is downloaded to the device. After the download is complete, a dialog box appears, requesting that you check your mobile device to see whether additional steps are necessary to install the TE Client.


    7. If required, perform any additional steps on the mobile device.

    8. In the installer, click OK to complete the download process.

    9. In the installer, click Finish to complete the installation process