Telnet does not fit on the VC70N0 display

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    TelnetCE 7.3 (and possibly earlier versions)

    Motorola VC70N0 device.



    • When TelnetCE is launched on the device, it does not cover the screen to all sides.
    • TelnetCE is needed in full screen.
    • Wanting the TelnetCE to cover the full screen.


    Solution/ Workaround:

    There are two settings in the Emulation Parameters you will want to:

    • Emulation > Display > Stretch Screen Height
      • Set to Enable
    • Emulation > Display > Stretch Screen Width
      • Set to Enable
    • Save the settings and send the configuration to the device.
    • Make sure to restart the TelnetCE client on the device.