HTC phones: Problem viewing Emails

Version 2


    Any version of LetMobile -- This article is specific to HTC phones



    Emails are not visible or the Email Preview can be seen, but when clicking on the email to view, it will be blank.



    With HTC phones you must disable threaded view inside the email setting (There is an example of how to do this during the Enrollment Web Wizard)


    On your HTC device, open the mail app

     In the emails list view click the Menu button and choose the settings option

     Choose the General Settings

     Disable the “Show threaded view” option

     Go back to the email list view and open an email

     You should be able to view the emails content


    With some HTC phones you will have to click on the "show images" button inside each email before you will be able to view email content.



    You can use "Hybrid Mode" (Note that in Hybrid Mode emails will be downloaded to the device (so no need to click the "show images") but attachments and passwords are not and are fully protected (as well as the DLP rules etc.)


    You can use a different Email App (like Touchdown)