When creating a software distribution task and clicking save, you see the error "Delivery method is missing".

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6



    When creating a software distribution and then click save an error is displayed:

    A software distribution task must have a valid name, a main distribution package, and a delivery method.





    The default delivery method has been deleted from the database which occurs when deleting a patch task.




    Install SP1



    Check the delivery method is set normally in the database. For example:

    DB name: coredb


    SELECT *  FROM [coredb].[dbo].[AgentBehavior] where name = 'standard policy-supported push distribution'


    The SQL will return a value to you. If not, try export and import the delivery method from other core servers.

    Export delivery method:


    Import delivery method, to groups specified in the .ldms file:



    Now check the database, you will have 'standard policy-supported push distribution' in AgentBehavior table. The AgentBehavior_Idn should be same as the IntValue in KeyValue table.





    By default, the value will be '2', but when you import the delivery method, the value should be new in AgentBehavior table. Now you should update the KeyValue table as following:


    Update KeyValue Set IntValue = 99999*
    Where ApplicationName='SWD_DefaultDeliveryMethod'

    *The value 99999 should be replaced by the real one in your environment.


    Now go back to your console and create a software distribution task, the task can now be created successfully without any error.