How to uninstall/remove Endpoint Security/LANDESK Antivirus without uninstalling the Agent

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6LANDESK Management Suite 2016.x

    A desktop will not activate new licensing information from the core server.


    This method should only be attempted if the following fail:


    • Verify licensing information is current.
    • Run a patch and compliance scan on the desktop (vulscan).  This should push any new licensing information to the desktop.


    It is possible to remove the antivirus client without also removing the agent.  You can then reinstall the antivirus software in an attempt to re-establish licensing information.




    1. Browse to the "Agent settings" area of the Console.
    2. Under the Create a task menu, select Remove security components...
      Step 1.png
    3. Check that Create a scheduled task is selected and select the component you want removed from the list.
      Step 2.png
    4. Click OK.
    5. You can now run the task (from your Scheduled tasks) against the affected desktop and the Antivirus client will be removed.  The desktop agent, however, will stay intact.
    6. Once the Antivirus software is removed, re-push the agent to the affected desktops to reinstall the Antivirus.