Cannot add more than one device

Version 2


    Any version of LetMobile



    You cannot add more than one Android device



    In order to add more than one Android device user must download and register the LetMobile app on every Android device.


    NOTE -- Your company administrator can also set limits on how many devices can connect to the LM server on a per user basis. If you are still unable to add devices you should talk to your company administrator.

    NOTE -- By default Exchange limits users to a maximum of 10 devices. While you see this limit might seem more than adequate, with today's tablet driven world you may need to increase it. Also note that if you do not clean up old devices from your account they can add up, and if this limit is reached you will have problems using LetMobile or anything else that connects to the Exchange Server. You can delete old devices, or view how many devices are connected from the same "Options" menu when logged into /owa.