Page Not Found is shown instead of the email body (Android)

Version 2


    Any version of LetMobile



    Page Not Found is shown instead of the email body



    1. On your desktop/laptop open a Web browser and navigate to the User’s portal (I.e.

    2. Login with your LetMobile username (i.e. your email) and your LetMobile password

    3. Click on the “Manage” button near your Android device


    4. Click the “update” button near the Advanced option


    5. Scroll down to the bottom of the “Advanced Frame Settings” page and find the “Must use the LetMobile app” label, click the Enable/Disable link


    6. If the LetMobile app is not installed on your phone please visit the Android Play and download the LetMobile app (search for LetMobile). No need to run the app – only install it.

    7. From your mail application (on your laptop/desktop), send a new email mail to yourself

    8. Open the new mail as it arrives to the Inbox on your Android device

    9. You should be able to see the email’s content/body now

    10. To re-sync all emails so they can be viewed on your Android device

         A. Click on the “here” link in the second Note in the Advanced page.

         B. Open your mail app on your Android device and refresh your Inbox

         C. All mails should be deleted from your Inbox

         D. The Android mail client will start re-syncing your Inbox