Emails are loading slowly

Version 3


    Any version of LetMobile

    Android Devices



    Emails are loading very slow on your device.



    Modify the email connection timeout to resolve this issue.


    NOTE -- This is the time in seconds that the email client should wait without a response before determining that the connection has timed out. Modify this setting if the email client tends to hang when you open an email.


    Follow these instructions on Android devices to adjust this timeout

    1. On a PC Login to the LetMobile User Portal (I.e.

    2. Login with your LetMobile user name and password

    3. Find your device and click on the "Manage" icon

    4. Click on the "Advanced" icon

    5. Adjust the email connection timeout (this is in seconds, and you can turn it down to a value of 5 or 10 seconds or whatever works best for your environment)

    6. Save settings