When using the LetMobile app the user cannot open an attachment (file with .lma)

Version 1


    Any version of LetMobile



    Trouble viewing attachments if it is NOT a LetMobile server configuration issue.



    In most cases the phone will save the attachment but will prompt that the .lma file type is not supported.

    In order to fix this problem please follow the steps below:

    1. Open the LetMobile app

    2. Open the LetMobile app Settings

    3. Check the “Attachment Exception” box

    4. Send a new attachment to this mail box

    5. The attachment should be received on the phone with .html suffix

    6. The attachment .html file can be opened with the phone’s default HTML viewer

    7. This .html file should include a link to the real attachment, clicking the link will open the phone’s browser which will show the attachment

    8. The user should be able to open all new attachments (all attachments received after this change in the settings)