How To Manually Activate the LANDESK Gateway via Email.

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    The Ivanti EPM Management Gateway has a requirement to be activated every 90 days. Activation includes the Appliance, the ISO version, and the VMware image.

    After 90 days, there is 30 days grace period. If the Management Gateway fails to be activated within 120 days the activation will expire and the gateway will stop functioning.


    If the Management Gateway has access to the internet on Port 80 then activation will take place automatically with no user intervention. (See Troubleshooting Gateway Activation: The specified item was not found.)

    ISome Management Gateway Configurations will have special network security policies that block gateway online activation traffic. These configurations will need to re-activate the management gateway via E-mail every 90 days.



    To manually activate a Management Gateway

    1. From the Management Gateway console, click Activation.
    2. Click Install Activation. You'll see the PGP-encoded text file (ldmg_activation.req) required for activation.
      Note: If "Install Activation" is grayed out choose "Activate Now", enter your credentials, and choose "Activate by e-mail".
    3. Click the link "Save activation request" to save the file.
    4. Save the ldmg_activation.req file to your hard drive.
    5. Attach the ldmg_activation.req file to an e-mail message and send it to [email protected]. The message subject and body don't matter.


    Ivanti will process the message attachment and reply to the mail address from which you sent the message. The reply will include an attached authorization file.

    Important: Disregard the instructions in the reply email (the instructions apply to LANDesk Management Suite and do not apply to the LANDesk Management Gateway). Instead,
    follow the steps below.


    6. From the Management Gateway console, click Activation.
    7. Click Install activation.
    8. Click Browse, browse to the file you received from Ivanti, and click Open.
    9. Click Activate.


    It make take a few moments for activation to complete.