WEH 8 Bulk Enrollment

Version 3

    Windows Embedded Handheld 8 – Bulk Enrollment process




    For bulk enrollment you will need the following:

    1. WEH device
    2. Avalanche On Demand account (AOD)
    3. XML Editor
    4. USB Cable for Device to PC



    Setup AOD for Bulk Enrollment:



    1. Go to System Settings from the menu options on the left


      2. Enter a “fake” enrollment email and then a password.  This email can’t be from a valid LDAP domain tied to this account.


    3.  Next enter the domain in the email domain list, at the bottom of system settings.



    4. Click Save and then go to Enrollment and click “Needs Deployment”.  Depoly the changes now.



    5. In an XML editor you will modify the existing XML code.  (you can copy and paste or download here: http://landeskmdm.com/prov.xml).  This XML has the WiFi settings embedded as XML.  Thus, you must convert XML to Text (in the RED section for WiFi) and enter your own Wireless credentials.  Once you updated the Wireless credentials, you MUST convert back to XML and embedded in the RED section below.  (USE NotePad++ and XML Tools Plugin)


    Next in the MDM Type, put in the Username (email address) and Password to match what you put into Avalanche.  Save the file.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



      <characteristic type="WiFi">

        <characteristic type="Profile">

          <characteristic type="Open">

            <parm name="WlanXml" datatype="string" value="&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot;?&gt;&lt;WLANProfile xmlns=&quot;http://www.microsoft.com/networking/WLAN/profile/v1"><name>rd1x<





    /MSM&gt;&lt;/WLANProfile&gt;" />





    <characteristic type="EnterpriseExt">

    <characteristic type="MDM">

    <parm name="Server" value="https://sds.aod.wavelink.com/EnrollmentServer/DeviceEnrollmentService.svc" />

    <parm name="Username" value="[email protected]" />

    <parm name="Password" value="1234" />

    <parm name="EnableDeviceEnrollment" value="true" datatype="boolean" />





    6. Copy the “prov.xml” file to the device using USB.  The file MUST be on the root of the SD card.

    7. Next, you have to reset the device.  Go to about on the device and click reset your phone.




    8. When the device comes back up, select your language then select SD card for provisioning.




    9. You will see Provisioning Wi-Fi, then the Wireless signal associates.




    10. Once completed, verify the enrollment account by going to Settings Workplace. You should see the following:



    11. Now, click on Avalanche and it will sync with the server.




    12. In Avalanche you should now see the device enrolled.