LetMobile Implementation Guide BKM

Version 9


    This document is intended for the LetMobile System Admin that is going to be rolling out LetMobile to their work force.


    Before deploying

    • Device variations – Consider the device variations to support. The enrollment experience is different for each device model and OS version and does require manual registration by the end user.
    • Enrollment instructions – Consider creating device model and OS specific instructions to be as clear as possible for end users.
    • Security Policies – Setup security policies beforehand. The top items to consider are session timeout, hybrid mode, and saving attachments on devices.
    • User enrollment method Decide if you want to create user accounts for all of your users, or if they will enroll themselves. If you plan to have the users enroll themselves, download and customize the Enrollment Guides and prepare them for distribution during the rollout.

    During the deployment process

    • Start with Apple devices – In many cases, this will hit more than half of your users and it is the easiest for end users to get enrolled. This will build positive momentum for the rollout amongst the users.
    • Consider Samsung Android 4.2 or higher second – This will hit the second largest group of your users and the enrollment process is easy.
    • Rollout to the remaining Android devices last – The enrollment process for these devices is the most end user intensive and can cause support calls.

    Known issues to plan for

    • Adding any level of security will always have an impact on end user experience. This solution is intended to minimize that loss of good user experience with corporate email, but end users will see some impact. Be aware of that and plan for it.
    • HTC devices do not have the Exchange ActiveSync setting to always download images. Therefore, they must select the option to load the image each time an email is read. It is recommended to enable those users in hybrid mode to avoid this. However, this means the email body is pushed to the device and therefore unprotected. In hybrid mode, attachments are still secured by the gateway. Another alternative, is to have the users use another email client like Touch Down.

    Helpful Resources for LetMobile Administrators

    Helpful Resources for Users

    Troubleshooting and Common Issues