LetMobile Frequently Asked Questions

Version 29

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    Letmobile Support is now available through TMG


    Please see the FAQ for this transition, if you have any further questions please contact support.


    Am I still supported?

    Yes but from now on the support will be provided by our partner TMG


    Will I be able to see my new support cases with TMG at support.ivanti.com?

    No, all support cases are managed by TMG using TMG’s support processes. 


    Where to do I go now for Letmobile Support?

    Contact TMG support at [email protected]


    When does this take affect?

    Starting immediately.


    If I have questions about the support level I am receiving, do I contact Ivanti or TMG?

    All question should be directed directly to TMG however as an Ivanti customer, Ivanti support can help with the transition.


    What about Letmobile Cloud? Will TMG take over support for it as well?

    No, we are shutting down the cloud on October 1st. Because the Ivanti cloud offering for LetMobile/MSS will be shut down on October 1, 2017, we encourage you to move to the on-premises version TMG is offering—at no additional cost to you.


    Who do I renew Letmobile with, TMG or Ivanti?

    All renewals have to go through TMG.


    Is Ivanti still going to be actively developing the product?

    No, we’re licensing the technology to our partner TMG, whom we are confident has the vision to move these products forward.