How to get the most out of Package Bundles

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    How to


    This document will outline the best known methods of stting up and configuring a software distribution package bundle. The "Package Bundle" option allows you to chain as many packages together as you want.


    Step by Step

    1. Go into the Management Console>Distribution Packages>My packages>right click>New package bundle;
      2. You can adjust many settings by right clicking on your new bundle and going to the properties;
    2. From within the properties, you can set a name and description. You can also set it so that it can not be scheduled.
    3. Here you can assign packages that are already created, you can also set the order that the packages get deployed with the up and down arrows.
    4. Under additional settings you can input information such as the application vendor name, the estimated download and install times, and indicate if a reboot is expected.


    1. If you have already created categories, you can specify that at this time.
    2. Next you can upload a custom logo and screenshot that can display during the install.
    3. Here you can assign it tags that are used to group the package in the portal.
      ***These tags must first be configured as shown in this image.
    4. Once you have the bundle configured as desired, right click on the bundle and schedule it to run.