LANDESK ESA(Endpoint Security Audit) V3.0 Release Notes

Version 4


    Release Notes:



    LANDESK ESA V3.0.0 .1

    Attention: ESA 3.0 is totally incompatible with ESA2.x, please install ESA 3.0 on a clean server. It is not suggested to upgrade ESA 2.x to ESA 3.0.

    New Features:


    • 1. Added ESAFileAccessLog which can replace ESAFileOperationLog, it can log all file access events including file reading and file writing.
    • 2. ESAFileAccessLog supports to log file access to shared folders (UNC path).
    • 3. ESAFileAccessLogsupports to log file access from 3rd party programs such as OneDrive & Dropbox.
    • 4. Added ESA Web Portal, users can search logs without LDMS Console installed, administrators can manage any server sides settings from this portal.
    • 5. ESA Web Portal supports RBA (role based access control).
    • 6. Added license informationdialog.
    • 7. Added license expiration control.


    • 1.SupportedDaily/Weekly/Monthlydatabase rotation.
    • 2.Supported screenshot file data rotation.
    • 3.SupportedWindows Server 2012/SQL Server 2012.
    • 4. Supported LDMS9.6
    • 5.Enabled xp_cmdshellby the installer.
    • 6.Changed ISMSDB to ISMSESADB
    • 7.Changed ISMS xxx Service to ISMS ESA xxx Service on Server side
    • 8.Changed ISMSFileServer to ESAFileServer on IIS
    • 9.Changed UI icons.
    • 10. Separated documents to Admin Guide and User Guide.

    Bug Fix:--------------------

    • 1.Fixed the ESA User process crash bug which occurred on some special printing.
    • 2.Fixed the ESA User process crashbugwhich occurred on some specialweb accessing.
    • 3.Fixed the web access log bug which stopped loggingafter user locking and unlocking.
    • 4.Fixed the profile log bug which caused invalid information while the host name is not in English.
    • 5.Fixed the installation path bug which caused by installer.

    Known issues:--------------------

    • 1.The file access log the wrong username after switching to another user
    • 2.The clipboard will fail to log some encryptedcontent.
    • 3.The file access logs lots of duplicated file readinglogs.

    Next Release:--------------------

    • 1.Clipboard Logwill record image content.
    • 2. Clipboard Log will record image content while the Print Screen key is pressed.
    • 3.Screenshot Log will take screenshot while access some specific URLs.
    • 4. Update log reports in ESA Portal.
    • 5. Update the rollup portal in ESA Portal.
    • 6. Fix the above knownissues.

    Note: The next release (V3.0.1)will be at the beginning of Dec 2014