LANDESK ESA(Endpoint Security Audit) V3.0 User Guide and install file (en-US)

Version 7

    Endpoint security audit system is based on real time user operation recording, which can effectively help companies master the non-standard behavior of employees, improve audit efficiency afterwards, with the fastest and most effective way to reduce corporate losses, avoid legal and commercial risks.


    Through the monitoring on device, including documents operations, print monitor, desktop screen capture, it can trace related operation on every device, making all the operations visible, queryable, and traceable.

    • Lifecycle Log
    • Profile Log
    • File Operation Log
    • Printer Log
    • Screen Log
    • Application Log
    • Active Title Log
    • Clipboard Log
    • Disk Drive Log
    • Web Access Log
    • File Access Log
    • ESA Portal
    • LDMS Reports



    Release Notes:



    LANDESK ESA V3.0.0 .1


    Attention: ESA 3.0 is totally incompatible with ESA2.x, please install ESA 3.0 on a clean server. It is not suggested to upgrade ESA 2.x to ESA 3.0.


    New Features:


    • 1. Added ESAFileAccessLog which can replace ESAFileOperationLog, it can log all file access events including file reading and file writing.
    • 2. ESAFileAccessLog supports to log file access to shared folders (UNC path).
    • 3. ESAFileAccessLogsupports to log file access from 3rd party programs such as OneDrive & Dropbox.
    • 4. Added ESA Web Portal, users can search logs without LDMS Console installed, administrators can manage any server sides settings from this portal.
    • 5. ESA Web Portal supports RBA (role based access control).
    • 6. Added license informationdialog.
    • 7. Added license expiration control.


    • 1.SupportedDaily/Weekly/Monthlydatabase rotation.
    • 2.Supported screenshot file data rotation.
    • 3.SupportedWindows Server 2012/SQL Server 2012.
    • 4. Supported LDMS9.6
    • 5.Enabled xp_cmdshellby the installer.
    • 6.Changed ISMSDB to ISMSESADB
    • 7.Changed ISMS xxx Service to ISMS ESA xxx Service on Server side
    • 8.Changed ISMSFileServer to ESAFileServer on IIS
    • 9.Changed UI icons.
    • 10. Separated documents to Admin Guide and User Guide.

    Bug Fix:--------------------

    • 1.Fixed the ESA User process crash bug which occurred on some special printing.
    • 2.Fixed the ESA User process crashbugwhich occurred on some specialweb accessing.
    • 3.Fixed the web access log bug which stopped loggingafter user locking and unlocking.
    • 4.Fixed the profile log bug which caused invalid information while the host name is not in English.
    • 5.Fixed the installation path bug which caused by installer.

    Known issues:--------------------

    • 1.The file access log the wrong username after switching to another user
    • 2.The clipboard will fail to log some encryptedcontent.
    • 3.The file access logs lots of duplicated file readinglogs.

    Next Release:--------------------

    • 1.Clipboard Logwill record image content.
    • 2. Clipboard Log will record image content while the Print Screen key is pressed.
    • 3.Screenshot Log will take screenshot while access some specific URLs.
    • 4. Update log reports in ESA Portal.
    • 5. Update the rollup portal in ESA Portal.
    • 6. Fix the above knownissues.


    Note: The next release (V3.0.1)will be at the beginning of Dec 2014



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