Basic table information

Version 1

    The tables in the service desk database are grouped together by their prefix.  For example all of the tables that pertain to incidents have an IM_  in front of them.  This is a list of the different prefixes and what they mean.


    AM Asset Management

    CF Configuration Items

    CA Call

    CM Change Management

    IM Incident Management

    KM Knowledge Management

    LC Life Cycle (SLA’s)

    MD Metadata (queries, console info)

    PR Process (All incidents, changes etc are processes)

    SC Service Portal

    TPS User and appplication information

    UI Forms

    USR custom data (new objects that were created post install)



    Some important tables that are commonly used are:







    Incidents are processes, just a specific type. So sometimes you’ll need to relate from the im_incident table back to the pm_process table to find out more process specific information.


    Please feel free to add any helpful information that you have found in using the database.