Unable to view Zebra printers in Avalanche 6.0

Version 1

    Environment: Avalanche Premise install


    Problem: My Zebra QL320, or QL420 printer is not shown in the mobile device inventory on Avalanche


    Cause: There was a error in handling this device when passing this from the mobile device server to the enterprise server.


    Solution/ Workaround: Download the updated enterprisecommon.jar file from here.


    Then to implement this fix from your Enterprise server do the following

    1. Stop all Wavelink and Landesk services

    2. Move to \Wavelink\Avalanche\lib directory and rename the enterprisecommon.jar to enterprisecommon.oldjar

    3. Place the newly downloaded enterprisecommon.jar into the \Wavelink\Avalanche\lib directory

    4. Restart all Landesk and Wavelink services.