How To: Find the SQL scripts used to create a Rollup Server with the tables, fields, stored procedures... (9.6 onward - SQL Replication)

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6


    How to:


    Since LDMS 9.6 version, to create and maintain the Rollup Server database, Microsoft SQL Replication technology is used (see article Best Known Method To Configure Rollup for LDMS 9.6).

    For troubleshooting purpose, to understand the mechanism or knowing which data are transferred when creating the Rollup Server Database, you need to know which Tables, Fields, Stored Procedures, Views etc. are built.


    Now, with the Replication technology, besides the fact the Rollup Database is updated every 30s without rebuilding from scratch the Rollup Database, you can have a very detailed picture of what's going on there.


    Step by Step:


    1. Go on your LDMS Rollup Server
    2. Start the Rollup facility \ManagementSuite\LANDesk.Database.Replication.exe
    3. Click on the button (Only create script) and wait until you get a popup telling where the 3 SQL script files were stored


    ATTENTION: If you click on OK, it will rebuild from scratch all the Replication items (Which could be long due to the size of the DB and also useless in your case)


    The 3 scripts are usually stored on \ManagementSuite\Replication\ folder;

    1. <CORESERVERNAME>Dist.sql -- Script for Distribution (applied on Rollup server)
    2. <CORESERVERNAME>Pub.sql -- Script for the Publisher (applied on Core Server(s))
    3. <ROLLUPSERVERNAME>.sql -- Script for the Subscriber (applied on Rollup Server)




    NOTES: The Replication type chosen for Rollup Server is a "Transactional Replication". You can see the Log Reader Agent (logread.exe) running on the Publisher (A Core Server).


    See also: How to: Troubleshoot/Monitor the Rollup Server (9.6 onward - SQL Replication)