Pending unmanaged client deployments - Devices are deleted but come back when refreshing

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    After a migration or an error while deploying an agent to a device, this device might stay in the "Pending unmanaged client deployments" window.





    This is sometimes due to the fact that the Core Server still has data in its database and it is unable to delete it itself.






    In order to get rid of these devices, you will have to delete them from your database manually.


        This implies to modify your database, which means that you must have a functional recent backup available


    To create a backup of your database, please follow this article: Backup and Restore Database: How to move the LANDesk database to another server (SQL 2000 & 2005)


    Once you have your backup ready, do the following:


        I. Identify your device(s)


    Go to your Pending unmanaged client deployments, and write down the 'DeviceName' of your machines:



    We will use the following as our 'DeviceName' data:


    • CLIENT-01


    Once you have the names, open your SQL Management Studio and use the following:


    SELECT [Computer_Idn] FROM [YOURDATABASENAME].[dbo].[Computer]
    WHERE [DeviceName] = 'YOURCLIENT'


    In our case, we will have this:



    The important information here is the 'Computer_Idn', in our example: 4069


    Repeat the operation for all your devices that you cannot delete.



        II. Delete your device from the tables


    Once you have your list of 'Computer_Idn', create a new query with the following:


      WHERE [Computer_Idn] = 'YourComputer_Idn'
      WHERE [Computer_Idn] = 'YourComputer_Idn'
    DELETE FROM [YOURDATABASENAME].[dbo].[NetworkSoftware]
      WHERE [Computer_Idn] = 'YourComputer_Idn'
      WHERE [Computer_Idn] = 'YourComputer_Idn'
      WHERE [Computer_Idn] = 'YourComputer_Idn'


    Here is the result in our example:



    As you can see in our example, it looks like the record of our CLIENT-01 was not found in the table 'BoundAdapter'. This does not mean that there is a problem at all.

    When you go back to your console, check that the client has disappeared properly.


    So far, here are the tables that where we found information of the computers:


    • BoundAdapter
    • TCP
    • NetworkSoftware
    • LanDesk
    • Computer
    • ProductComputer
    • FileInfoInstance


    You might encounter a problem when trying to delete this record, and it will let you know that there is another place in the database where this computer is still in use.

    You will have to add this table to the deletion process.