How to change databases

Version 1

    There are several reasons to switch from one database to another including changing database servers and testing in a test environment.  Follow these steps to point the service desk server to a different database.


    Warning if all of these steps are not followed correctly it will cause problems with service desk.  It is STRONGLY recommended that this be tested in a test environment before ever being attempted in a live environment


    1.  Confirm that it is a valid service desk database
    The database needs to be the same version or older as the service desk program that you are using. If it is an older version then running the meta data converter (step 2) will upgrade it.
    Warning: the meta data converter should only be used to upgrade to the next revision. For example from 7.2.4 to 7.2.5.


    2.  Run the metadata conversion tool against the database
    This tool will update the database with the current server information. It will also upgrade it if it is an older version. To do this users must browse to http://ServerName/Touchpaper.framework.web/config.aspx where ServerName is the name of the server with the touchpaper services on it and Touchpaper.framework.web is the service location. The service location may be slightly different depending upon the installation.
    Type in the password to login.
    Next input the information for the database connection.
    Click Next until you get to the last page then type, then click on the Finish button to start the data conversion.
    Once the process finishes, the web browser can be closed.


    3.  Update the database information for the service portal
    Browse to http://ServerName/ServicePortal/config/login.aspx where ServerName is the name of the service portal server
    Type in the SA username and password and login
    Click on the Database Configuration >> Link
    Update and save the database information
    Once the information has been updated you can close the browser

    4.  Update the report files
    Use the attached file to update the crystal report files with the new database information.